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4 years ago

Taucharts One

Can you think of a charting library that looks fresh, has a simple API, and offers high performance? I can think of one: Taucharts One. The latest stable release (v.1.2.2) can be downloaded via npm.

Let’s see what this new release comes with.


5 years ago

Viz as a Query Language

Bad programmers ignore details. Bad designers get lost in details (Nate Kirby)

I believe the modern “big data” world is moving in the direction of faster and more visual interaction with data. A good chart tool must be designed for more than just visualization – it should be designed for communicating information.

But how do we achieve this?


5 years ago

Release notes 0.9.1

New stable Taucharts release 0.9.1 includes the following fixes and improvements:

Also in order to improve stability and quality of Taucharts releases we introduced BETA release channel.

You can access latest beta build using NPM as:

npm install taucharts@beta

Latest beta build using package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "taucharts": "beta"

A fixed beta version using package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "taucharts": "0.9.1-beta.0"

6 years ago

Napoleon’s Russian campaign via Taucharts

Minard’s “Figurative map of the successive losses of men in the French army during the Russian campaign, 1812-1813” is one of the most famous statistical graphics in the world.

“The numbers of men present are represented by the widths of the colored zones in a rate of one millimeter for ten thousand men; these are also written beside the zones. Red designates men moving into Russia, black those on retreat. “


6 years ago

Release notes 0.9.0

New stable Taucharts release 0.9.0 is dedicated to size scale improvements.

First of all we fixed inconsistent behavior of size legend used with bar chart.

New features in this release:

6 years ago

Release notes 0.8.3

Taucharts release 0.8.3 is out.

6 years ago

Release notes 0.8.2

There is a new cool feature in 0.8.2 release. From now the library allows you to:


See the color scale documentation for a details.

6 years ago

Release notes 0.8.1

NOTE: the “autoScale” property is deprecated from 0.8.1 release. Use “nice” property instead. See documentation for details.

6 years ago

Release notes 0.8.0

The chart space usage in taucharts 0.8.0 became more efficient.


Still there are an options to customize the paddings. See documentation.

6 years ago

Vizydrop | Our Free Data Visualization Software Released

Vizydrop is a data visualization platform. We created Vizydrop with a goal of building a simple and natural data visualization tool. Vizydrop aggregates data from various software apps into a single dashboard, automatically builds visualizations for you and helps to create custom charts.

Vizydrop helps to get insights from the very first step. The application provides an easy to use interface to extract your data from applications that you are using or from storage where your data is located. Custom data source connectors can be added using any programming language with a simple API. We keep your data up to date with automatic updates.