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12 months ago

Napoleon’s Russian campaign via Taucharts

Minard’s “Figurative map of the successive losses of men in the French army during the Russian campaign, 1812-1813″ is one of the most famous statistical graphics in the world.

“The numbers of men present are represented by the widths of the colored zones in a rate of one millimeter for ten thousand men; these are also written beside the zones. Red designates men moving into Russia, black those on retreat. “


1 year ago

Layers and Dual axis

You can combine different chart types with Taucharts now:


Let’s consider this in details.


2 years ago

How to reveal aggregations with Taucharts

In this post I would like to describe a case where the Taucharts library integrates seamlessly into a third-party system. It is good to show once again the deep data-centric nature of the library.


2 years ago

How we made our export plugin and perform client-side, in-browser conversion of SVG’s to PNG’s.

Sometimes we need to convert SVG’s to PNG’s with the help of our browser. Unfortunately, browsers don’t have a magic API that allows us to do this without some different hacks. So, what should we do if we need to do these conversions?