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4 years ago

Taucharts One

Can you think of a charting library that looks fresh, has a simple API, and offers high performance? I can think of one: Taucharts One. The latest stable release (v.1.2.2) can be downloaded via npm.

Let’s see what this new release comes with.


5 years ago

Release notes 0.9.1

New stable Taucharts release 0.9.1 includes the following fixes and improvements:

Also in order to improve stability and quality of Taucharts releases we introduced BETA release channel.

You can access latest beta build using NPM as:

npm install taucharts@beta

Latest beta build using package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "taucharts": "beta"

A fixed beta version using package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "taucharts": "0.9.1-beta.0"

5 years ago

Release notes 0.8.3

Taucharts release 0.8.3 is out.

5 years ago

Release notes 0.8.2

There is a new cool feature in 0.8.2 release. From now the library allows you to:


See the color scale documentation for a details.

5 years ago

Release notes 0.8.1

NOTE: the “autoScale” property is deprecated from 0.8.1 release. Use “nice” property instead. See documentation for details.

5 years ago

Release notes 0.8.0

The chart space usage in taucharts 0.8.0 became more efficient.


Still there are an options to customize the paddings. See documentation.

6 years ago

Taucharts#0.6.2: Area chart, Annotations, Export to CSV and Themes

What’s new in stable 0.6.2 release.