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6 years ago

Quick filter plugin

I’d like to introduce the “Quick filter” plugin for Taucharts. As you can guess, it is designed to help rapidly filter data on your chart by both measure and date/time fields. Along with that, the plugin also visualises the distribution of values for these fields.


For example, I’d like show how it could be used in a Process Control Chart (similar one we have in Targetprocess). Each dot is a completed card in our system, the Y-axis represents how many days it was in progress, the X-axis shows the day when it was done, and color encodes type of entity.

These controls allow us to scale the chart in two dimensions, but you can show a control for fields which aren’t represented on the chart:

plugins: [
    tauCharts.api.plugins.get('quick-filter')(['your', 'fields'])
    // other plugins

Some pieces of information for specialists: we used d3.svg.brush for this plugin and it fit to our needs much better than the other html/js sliders considered.

  • Dmitry Dudin

    Awesome! Looks like what we need!