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4 years ago

Taucharts#0.6.2: Area chart, Annotations, Export to CSV and Themes

What’s new in stable 0.6.2 release.

Area chart
The area chart is now available in Taucharts.

Annotations plugin
Annotate your visualizations with lines or bands using new “annotations” plugin. This release works with continues scales (numeric or time) only.

Export to JSON & CSV
Now Taucharts allows to fetch a data behind a plot in CSV or JSON format.
export-to-csv-jsonSee live example

Reveal aggregation function from Tooltip plugin
There is a detailed “HOW TO” blog post on this feature.
tooltip-reveal-buttonSee also live example.

Themes support (dark theme included)
We re-worked Taucharts CSS infrastructure to allow themes support. There are minor improvements in default Taucharts theme as well.
Also try new experimental dark theme. To apply it use “tauCharts.dark.min.css” CSS file.

Bug fixes:
Order Of Data Along Axis

Will be happy to hear your feedback in comments below, on github or in twitter channel!