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3 years ago

Taucharts One

Can you think of a charting library that looks fresh, has a simple API, and offers high performance? I can think of one: Taucharts One. The latest stable release (v.1.2.2) can be downloaded via npm.

Let’s see what this new release comes with.

Bar as span (Timeline) plugin

Taucharts Timeline (bar as span plugin)

Timeline charts are suitable for visualizing teams’ progress.

const chart = new tauCharts.Chart({
    type: 'horizontal-bar',
    x: 'end',
    y: ['country', 'team'],
    color: 'team',
    label: 'team',
    plugins: [
            x0: 'start',
            collapse: true
    data: [
        {start: '2015-02-29', end: '2015-03-09', team: 'Real', country: 'Spain'},

Crosshair plugin

It is now possible to highlight element values on axes.

Taucharts Crosshair plug-in

const chart = new tauCharts.Chart({
    plugins: [

Legend plugin improvements

You can now focus on a single element or toggle multiple elements by clicking on the relevant color icons. Size and color gradient legends are now aligned horizontally to reduce the amount of space they consume. Highlighted elements will float over others.

Taucharts Legend plug-in improvements

Tooltip plugin improvements

Highlighting elements on a chart has never been so fast and simple. It is also possible to highlight points that overlap each other. Clicking on an element will reveal additional options in a tooltip.

Taucharts Tooltip plug-in improvements

Sparkline mode

If chart size is too small or tick density is too high, then it’s better to hide the chart’s axes and grid.

Taucharts Sparkline mode

const chart = new tauCharts.Chart({
    settings: {
        // Axes are hidden when chart content
        // size is lower than these values
        minChartWidth: 300,
        minChartHeight: 200,
        minFacetWidth: 150,
        minFacetHeight: 100,

Line chart improvements

Line charts that are encoded by size will now look more consistent by preserving the width between their points.

Taucharts Line Chart encoded by size

tauCharts.api.tickFormat.add('bugs-format', (x) => `${x} bugs`);
const chart = new tauCharts.Chart({
    type: 'line',
    x: 'Date',
    y: 'Effort',
    size: 'Bugs Count',     // Setup line size
    label: 'Bugs Count',
    color: 'Team',
    guide: {
        interpolate: 'smooth-keep-extremum',
        showGridLines: 'y',
        label: {
            tickFormat: 'bugs-format'
    plugins: [
    settings: {
        utcTime: true
    data: [
            'Date': new Date('2015-07-01T00:00:00.000Z'),
            'Effort': 20,
            'Bugs Count': 4,
            'Team': 'Alaska'

Non-blocking rendering

Loading large amounts of data can be slow. To prevent your browser from lagging, several new chart settings have been introduced.

settings: {
    asyncRendering: false,
    renderingTimeout: 10000,
    syncRenderingInterval: 50,
    handleRenderingErrors: true

Setting asyncRendering: true will make your chart render asynchronously in small synchronous chunks. This has the benefit of making your browser more responsive to user interactions. Read more about asynchronous rendering here.

TypeScript type definition

Taucharts NPM package comes with d.ts type definitions. This enables automatic code completion in TypeScript and JavaScript files (if your IDE supports this feature) without any additional setup.

Taucharts TypeScript type definition

Underscore dependency removal

Thanks Juanjo Diaz for replacing Underscore with modern native JavaScript features.

And even more

There’s countless additional improvements and bug fixes. You can see the whole list here. Some notable changes are:

Taucharts 2

Taucharts v2 will be released soon. It uses D3 v4 modules and will bring new features and improvements.

Taucharts 2 Diff Tooltip plug-in